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About This Website

Kamakura and the people here have welcomed us with open hearts and we have instantly felt at home. Many visitors come to Kamakura, but most will only see a small surface of this charming city. We want to share all of the great places to visit and show you the rather unique lifestyle we have found here. Kamakura already attracts many foreigners and we expect to see many more as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaches. We found some tourist guide websites in English, but none are written from a local’s experience, by foreigners, or that share personal stories around it. This site introduces “Life in Kamakura” from the perspective of locals, including newcomers like us, and others who have worked and lived here for many years.


Rather than selling ad space or just listing out all of the local businesses and things to see and do, we have created a place to introduce you to all that Kamakura has to offer in a more personal way. We also share what it is like to live here from an outsider perspective as non-Japanese. We will include things to pay attention to and show you tools to navigate the city without having Japanese language skills.


Local’s Pick Blog

Here we interview our local friends and their friends who run businesses, organize activities or host events.  They share what they love about Kamakura and their favorite things to see, do, and eat. Please contact us if you would like to be interviewed.  We will post these in both Japanese and English.


Life in Kamakura Blog

This is a series of writings about our personal reflections on places and experiences of what makes Kamakura unique.  We share discoveries, favorite spots and ways to enjoy our town. You will see photos from our walks and read the fascinating stories behind many of the places we visit as we learn about their history.



Our recommendations are shared on the Google Map.  You will be able to easily find our favorite sites to see, where to eat, drink and shop. Click on each marker to see our comments.


For more frequent updates, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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