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Historical Markers

We first met Francesco “Frank” Baldessari at a talk he was giving on his book, entitled: Kamakura, A Historical Guide, published in 2016.  He had moved to Japan in 1982, learned the language, worked, married, retired, and eventually wrote a book about this historic town.  One of the questions we asked him was about the black stone historical markers (Sekihi) we saw all around Kamakura. A Japanese compilation exists at Kamakura Citizen Net (KCN) site but no one had ever translated them into English. Our project together was born.  

There are 83 Sekihi scattered throughout the greater Kamakura area, but we have concentrated on the 70 that exist within Kamakura City.  It took several months to locate each one, take photos, translate them into English and post them to the blog. Below is a table listing them by neighborhood.  Clicking on the English name will take you to the blog and the full translation. 

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