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宿谷光則屋敷跡 Mitsunori Sukuya House

This historical marker is located at the entrance to Kosokuji Temple in Hase.  It reads:

Mitsunori Sukuya was an official who served Hōjō Tokiyori (from 1227-1263).  On July 16, 1260, Saint Nichiren visited Mitsunori's house in Hase and asked him to give his book, Risshō Ankokuron, to Tokiyori.  At the same time that Nichiren was about to be executed at Tatsunokuchi, his beloved disciple, Nichirō, was also captured and placed in a dungeon on the hillside behind this house.  Mitsunori believed deeply in the saints and gave his own home to build a temple, which is Kosokuji Temple. Do not forget these things.

Erected in March of 1940 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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