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大慈寺址 Daiji-ji Temple Site

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

About 20 meters north of Highway 204 in the Juniso neighborhood and just northeast of the busy intersection where the road turns towards Zushi Highlands, you will find a stone historical marker that reads:

Daiji-ji Temple was built in 1212 by Minamoto no Minami and was also called Shinmi-dō.  On July 27, 1214, a large memorial service was held, and Masako, Yoritomo's wife, and Shōgun Masatomo attended in a formal manner.  Then, in 1257, during the reign of Emperor Munetaka, the Jōroku-dō, Shin-Amida-dō, Shaka-dō, and Mie bell tower were built just as beautifully as the main hall.  It was written in the Azuma Kagami that one’s eyes could see the splendor of those days.  After 740 years, amazingly, not even the foundation stone can be found because of the many changes that have occurred.

Erected in March of 1928 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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