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足利公方邸旧蹟 Former Site of Ashikaga Kobō House

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

On the north side of Highway 204 in the Jomyoji neighborhood, just east of the Aotobashi Bridge, you will find his Sekihi, or stele, that reads:

Ashikaga Yoshikane set up a house in this place when Minamoto no Yoritomo began the Shogunate.  Over the next two hundred and ten years, generations of the Ashikaga family lived here, then Ashikaga Takauji took power and moved to Kyoto. Later, his son Yoshiakira became the second shōgun and took over the house in Kyoto. 

His brother, Motouji, ruled over the Kanto territory and took command of the army from this house. The Kamakura branch of the  Ashikaga family handed down power to their descendants in this way. The Ashikaga rulers in Kamakura were named Kubō to imitate Kyōto. In 1455, Ashikaga Shigeuji, fought against Uesugi Noritada and finally moved to Furukawa, Shimōsa, Ibaraki, and there he died.

Erected in March of 1920 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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