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No. 1: Local's Pick by Kuni (日本語あり)

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The first thing we noticed about Kamakura as soon as we got here is that people are very welcoming and friendly. In six short months, we already knew more people here than we did after many years in Washington DC, where people rarely said hello even among neighbors



In this blog series we will be asking our local friends and their friends to share what they love about Kamakura and their favorite things to see, do, and eat. We will post these in both Japanese and English.

Local's Pickブログシリーズは地元でお友達になった方々や彼らの紹介でお知り合いになった方々(鎌倉在住またはお仕事されてる方)におすすめのスポットをご紹介いただきます。


Our first local interview is with Kuni-san.


We met Kuni-san through Craigslist, believe it or not. Kuni-san runs two guesthouses (Villa Sacra and Ohmachi Junxion) and we came across his posting for volunteers wanted.

実は邦さんとはオンラインコミュニティーのクレイグスリストを通して知り合いました。 邦さんは鎌倉でゲストハウスを二件(Villa Sacra and Ohmachi Junxion) 経営してるのですが、たまたまそちらでボランティアスタッフ募集中でした。

Kuni-san has been working and living in Kamakura for 23 years. In addition to two guesthouses, he also owns a vintage clothing store called Deep Blue Fiction, and a restaurant called WanderKitchen. He used to run a production company that promoted artists and chefs, as well as the overall lifestyle of Kamakura, through magazines and books. He is also well known in the music world. He is a talented guy! These days you can find him most of the time at WanderKitchen cooking up something yummy from anywhere in the world.

邦さんが鎌倉で仕事や生活するようになって23年。ゲストハウス二件以外にもビンテージの洋服屋さん(Deep Blue Fiction) や多国籍レストラン(WandeKitchen)も経営されてます。以前は制作会社経営で、鎌倉界隈のアーティストや料理人のプロモーションやライフスタイルそのもの紹介を雑誌や本で行っていたそうです。ちなみに邦さんはミュージシャンでもあり音楽界で有名です。いつも色々なプロジェクトでお忙しい邦さんですが、最近ではワンダーキッチンにて、過去に訪問した国や外国の友人から得たレシピをもとにおいしい家庭料理を毎日作っています。

What do you like about Kamakura?

The people. It is a supportive and friendly community, while at the same time people leave you alone to do what you want to do and to be who you are. Everyone is focused on their life. There is less conformity and a stronger sense of independence than you typically see in Japan. People here are open minded and accepting of differences. People in Kamakura march to the beat of a different drum. In some ways it could be compared to Portland, Oregon. There is always a variety of independently coordinated activities happening at any one time across the city that reflect this spirit and keep it unique and interesting. Many people think Kamakura is an expensive place to live, but it’s actually not if you know where to shop and eat. It is also surrounded by the ocean and mountains, so there are a lot of inexpensive outdoor activities.



Where is your favorite place to go in Kamakura?

Going to the rocky beach section between Zushi Marina and Zaimokuza. It’s a nice place to sit and relax, hangout with dogs, bring lunch, eat and watch the sunset, Mt Fuji or fireworks.



What is your favorite thing to do in Kamakura?

Walking around the town. Kamakura is a very walkable town with a lot to see, similar to other cities like Kyoto, Japan, Chiang Mai, Thailand or Luang Prabang, Laos.



Where is your favorite place to eat and drink in Kamakura?

The Japanese Izakaya style restaurant called Man in Zaimokuza. I’m friends with the owner and they have a comfortable restaurant with a warm atmosphere. They also serve great home style cooking. I especially recommend their corn fritters. (We agree! Their corn fritters are awesome!)



What is your favorite shop in Kamakura?

I like the kitchenware shops. Wakamiya Touki on Yuigahama Dori is reasonably priced and has a good selection. HMT on Onari Dori also sells nice housewares.



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