No.3: Local’s Pick by Kazu (日本語あり)

Our third local interview is with Kazu.


We were introduced to Kazu through a company called Huber., while looking for volunteer and project opportunities using English skills in Kamakura. We were immediately intrigued with the concept of Huber.’s online platform that connects foreign tourists with locals who guide people around their town, just like friends would. It’s like AirBnB for tourists who are looking for a personalized guide and an opportunity to make friends in the local city.


Kazu and his son moved to Kamakura a year and a half ago from Hokkaido to work for Huber as a community coordinator. In Hokkaido, Kazu welcomed many foreign guests to his home as an AirBnB host. He was also very active in building the AirBnB host community to share ideas and support. He joined Huber to help them build a community for the registered guides across Japan. He is passionate about making friends around the world and building user communities for the CtoC (Consumer to Consumer) platform. He is often outside on foot showing Kamakura around to domestic and international friends. He knows a lot of great areas and walking routes to visit but we only shared a few below. We will come up with other ways to share his knowledge.

Kazuさんは一年半ほど前にHuber.のコミュニティーコーディネーターとして働く為、小学生の息子さんと北海道から鎌倉に引っ越してきました。北海道では家の一部をAirbnbとして開放し多くの外国人観光客を受け入れてたそうです。それだけでなく他の北海道内のAirbnbホストさんと交流しお互いのサポートをしあうコミュニティを作り上げたりしていました。KazuさんはCtoC(Consumer to Consumer) のユーザーコミュニティを育てていく事をご自分のライフワークとし、自分だけでなくみんなが世界中の人と友達になるお手伝いを実践されている、素敵な方です。国内や海外から訪れるお友達やお知り合いの鎌倉案内をされる事が多く、たくさんの、そしてバラエティ豊かなお勧めスポットや回り方をご存知なので、ここで数例ご紹介させて頂きました。別途他のお勧めも観光ルートなども紹介して頂けるようにしたいと思います。

Photo provided by Kazu

What do you like about Kamakura?

I love the rich culture and history of Kamakura. It is not as touristy as Kyoto and it is a great harmony of old city, nature, ocean, shops and restaurants. The city is never boring, as it changes with each season.


もともと歴史や文化が好きなため、両方が凝縮された鎌倉は魅力的です。京都ほど観光地化してないし、海や山、自然と古い町並みが融和してて素敵です。おしゃれなレストランやお店もたくさんあって、季節や天候によって違う顔を見れる街なので飽きないですね。  Where is your favorite place to go in Kamakura?

I am fond of Kita-Kamakura and there are several places I like to go. Jochiji is one of my favorite and I take visitors there a lot. It is surrounded by greenery. Their stone paths are covered in moss, and it has a beautiful garden that you can enjoy throughout the year.



Photo provided by Kazu

Photo provided by Kazu

Photo provided by Kazu

What is your favorite thing to do in Kamakura? I have many domestic and international friends that visit, so I like to plan and walk routes where they can enjoy exploring Kamakura. I recently took some Australians friends who had stayed at my house in Hokkaido as AirBnB guests three years ago. We started at Kita-Kamakura, visited Engakuji, enjoyed a traditional soba lunch at Gozan, stopped to see Jochiji, hiked through Genjiyama Park on the Daibutsu Trail, had locally brewed Kamakura Beer at the Itsuki Garden Cafe along the trail, then walked down to Hase station, took the Enoden to Inamuragasaki to enjoy the sunset. At the end of the day, they completed the Enoden journey by continuing along the ocean and through the neighborhoods to Fujisawa.



Photo provided by Kazu

Photo provided by Kazu

Where is your favorite place to eat and drink in Kamakura?

I like the restaurant called Sorafune in the Omachi neighborhood. They serve great vegan food in a quaint traditional Japanese house.


大町にある穀菜カフェ ソラフネさんは民家の形を残した素敵なレストランです。ベジタリアンのお食事も美味しいです。

Photo provided by Kazu

Photo provided by Kazu

For tea, I like the cafe inside of Engakuji called an-nei. It is a bit hard to find but the setting is lovely and you can enjoy matcha green tea and traditional Japanese sweets.


What is your favorite shop in Kamakura? Not a specific shop, but I like walking down Onari Street filled with different shops. I also like Chikaramochi-ya in Hase, a fun shop to stop by on the way to Inamuragasaki or Yuigahama Beach from Hase. It’s a traditional Japanese sweet shop that has been around for over 300 years.