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No.4: Local’s Pick by Taka (日本語あり)

Our forth local interview is with Taka.


We met Taka through a Facebook Group called the Kamakura Daisuki Group where 25K members share their love of Kamakura. Taka works as a rickshaw driver at Kamakura Rickshaw. He posted a message on the group that he was on a local FM radio program to chat about being a rickshaw driver. We contacted him to see if he could share with us what it’s like to show the town by rickshaw. By the way, Kamakura Rickshaw is actively recruiting drivers, so if you are interested, contact them. (Japanese language skills will be required.)


Taka is originally from Nagoya and was first working as a rickshaw driver in Asakusa, a Tokyo neighborhood. His company needed some drivers in Kamakura so he decided to take the offer. It has been 4 years since he moved to Kamakura and he enjoys showing and telling the rich history of this town. Before he started this job, he didn’t know much or have much of an interest in Kamakura’s history. Obviously as a guide, he had to learn the story behind each location. As he learned more he became more interested and intrigued. In the future, he envisions returning to his hometown and introducing Nagoya to its visitors in the same style.

By the way ladies...Taka is 31 years old, single, has a great smile, and is available. (I am feeling like the aunt who is into matchmaking! LOL)



With Jane (Greg's mom) at Eishoji

What do you like about Kamakura?

Kamakura is spacious, less crowded and more relaxed. It is surrounded in nature and the air is much cleaner here.


鎌倉は自然にあふれていて素晴らしい景色が沢山あってすごく癒されます。 なおかつ、空気も綺麗で静かなのところに魅力を感じています

Where is your favorite place to go in Kamakura?

As a guide there are several places I recommend but my favorite would be Eishoji. The architecture is wonderful and is recognized in Japan as a National Important Cultural Asset. They have a bamboo forest and are known for their beautiful garden. Near to Eishoji is Kaizoji, which is also known for beautiful flowers. I also like the Kamakura Museum of Literature with its beautiful rose garden.








What is your favorite thing to do in Kamakura?

I tend to take it easy and relax on my days off. (Who wouldn’t if your work involves pulling a rickshaw all day!) On nice days I take a tarp and a book to relax at Inamuragasaki Park, or chill at a local temple.



Where is your favorite place to eat and drink in Kamakura?

Restaurant Akari Dining in Onarimachi is my favorite. This restaurant is well liked by the locals. I like their Maguro Tataki Donburi (fresh tuna over rice). They are known for their fried chicken but offer a good selection of food.


御成町にあるAkari Diningは好きでよく行きます。こちらはいつも地元の方でにぎわってますよ。お気に入りはマグロのたたき丼で、あと唐揚げもおいしくて有名だし, 定食も人気です。

For guests, I recommend a tea house called Kisenan at Jomyoji. It is quiet and has a wonderful view of the garden. There is also a restaurant called Ishigama Garden Terrace, further up the path at Jomyoji, if you are looking for a meal.


What is your favorite shop in Kamakura?

Kanaya Brush on Wakamiya Oji is a very unique speciality brush store. The original shop is in Asakusa, but they recently opened one in Kamakura. I go there to get horsehair toothbrushes. They are gentler on the teeth than synthetic materials and they last longer. If I get the three toothbrush set it last for a year! (We went out and purchased the toothbrush that Taka recommended. It’s awesome. It is much denser than typical nylon brushes and cleans our teeth very well. Staff at the store were super friendly, too.)



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