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太平寺跡 Remains of Taiheiji Temple

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Located northeast of Hachimangu at 西御門1-11-1 in Nishimikado, next to the front steps of Raikoji Temple, is a stone historical marker that reads:

Taiheiji Temple was a nun temple of the Hiki family for many generations.  It is said that Minamoto no Yoritomo, in order to fulfill a promise to a Zen nun called Ikeno Zenni, built this temple for her nephew.  During the Ashikaga era, the temple was further developed by a descendant of Kanrei Motouji (Kanrei is a representative of the Shōgun), called Seikeini.  However, during Tenmon Period (1532-1555 during the reign of the Tenmon Emperor), the Satomi clan of Chiba attacked Kamakura and took a nun called Shōgakuni to Boshū (Boshū is in southern Chiba), after which the temple was closed.  Later, in 1644, a man called Mitō, a chief retainer or vassal, of the Kii branch of the Tokugawa Family, built Takamatsu Temple where Taiheiji Temple used to stand. At present, they are both gone.

Erected in March of 1921 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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