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畠山重忠邸址 Hatakeyama Shigetada Residence

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Exit through the east Torii of Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū and you will immediately see the stone marker where the home of Hatakeyama Shigetada (1164-1205) used to stand.  Shigetada was a samurai who had fought in the Gempei War. The Sekihi, or stele, reads:

In 1199, Minamoto no Yoritomo’s daughter fell ill.  Tanba Tokinaga, then the most famous doctor in Japan, was called from Kyoto. According to the Azuma Kagami, in July, Tokinaga moved from the house that belonged to Nakahara Chikayoshi in Kamegayatsu to the mansion of Shigetada.  This is the place where Shigetada’s house used to be.

Erected in 1923 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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