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理智光寺址 Richikōji Temple Site

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

East of the Yofukuji Temple site in the Nikaidō neighborhood, over the Richikōji Bridge and across from the Imperial Goro Tomb you will find a stone historical marker that reads:

This place is the ruins of Gomineyama Richikōji Temple, which was opened by the priest, Ganko Shonin.  In 1335, Yoshihiro Fuchibe killed Prince Morinaga, at the order of Naoyoshi Ashikaga, but was afraid of his dying face and threw his head in the bushes.  It is said that a monk picked it up and buried it on this mountain.

Erected in March of 1932 by the Kamakura Seinendan Young Adult Association.


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